Outsource your office and reduce your business costs

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Around the world, companies are giving up traditional leases in favour of outsourced office solutions. These range from entire office buildings to co-working spaces that are growing in popularity as they cater to an increasingly mobile, connected workforce. The number one reason businesses choose to go down this route is cost savings, followed by increased productivity.

Owners of SMEโ€™s often donโ€™t realize the full extent of the cost savings, which start from day one. You can move into a fully serviced office facility and get working straight away. There is  no down time as a result of lease negotiation, approvals, fit-out works, or utility and telecoms connections. These are all provided by the serviced office operator, and are usually of a higher quality than you would have chosen.

With a serviced office your business does not need an office administrator, because you have no direct dealings with utilities, telecoms providers, IT service providers, insurers, office equipment suppliers, furniture suppliers, cleaning & maintenance companies, or the various other functions involved in running an office. Everything is included, and you benefit from a single point of contact for all your requirements, and more importantly, a single all-inclusive monthly invoice.

Serviced offices are usually located in a premium location, and your business benefits from the prestigious address that may otherwise have been outside your budget. You can also take advantage of hotels, restaurants, gyms, and transport links that are either connected to or within easy access of the serviced office facility. The operator will also have negotiated preferential rates or other benefits for its office tenants, all of which contribute to a happier and more productive workforce.

Your business will get a professional, well managed front of office with well trained receptionists and telephone operators. This a vital link to your clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. The serviced office operator will hire front end staff of a high calibre, and replacements are readily available insuring year round service. This saves you the task of recruiting and employing a receptionist for your business and the HR costs involved. The same applies to other shared resources and business support services.

With a conventional office space it is difficult to expand when your business grows, as it is difficult to break a lease if your need to downsize. Serviced office contracts will allow options to increase or decrease the space you occupy with minimal notice periods. This allows you to closely monitor your office overhead and respond to changing business requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

If you would like to find out more about how serviced offices can benefit your business, contact the team at Sentinel Business Centres. Located in the prestigious H Hotel Office Tower at One Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, they provide serviced offices and co-working space suitable for mainland Dubai licensing requirements, as well as turnkey business setup solutions.