First impressions count


Research shows that many businesses lose out on new business simply because they haven’t invested in a professional front end. You only have one chance to get it right when it comes to successfully engaging a potential client. The receptionists that answer incoming calls and greet visitors play in integral role in making a professional first impression and opening the door to those vital new business relationships. 

Very often new businesses struggle to allocate sufficient resource to hiring qualified receptionists, using their human resource budget on other seemingly more important roles. In most cases, they are right in doing so, because engineers, accountants, and salespeople are critical for early stage businesses (depending on industry sector). Business owners are often not aware of how easy it is to access professional business correspondence service (or virtual office) providers.

The benefits of outsourcing this aspect of the business are as follows:

The provider will hire receptionists of a calibre that will most likely be outside of your budget.

There will often be multiple receptionists offering call answering services in several different languages.

There will always be backups available, therefore you never have to worry about receptionists going on vacation.

Most providers will offer access to meeting rooms and business lounges as part of their virtual office or correspondence packages, allowing you to benefit from a premium location.

You will have access to multiple telephone numbers should you wish to differentiate between different aspects of your business (for example, new inquiries, after sales support).

Your business will benefit from substantial cost savings. The cost of using a virtual office or correspondence package will be a fraction of the cost of hiring a single receptionist.

If you would like more information or business correspondence (virtual office) packages in Dubai, the team at Sentinel Business Centres offers a number of different options designed to suit all types of businesses. They also look after business setup on your behalf, and provide serviced offices and co-working space suitable for mainland Dubai licensing requirements as well as ongoing support to your business.

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