Serviced Offices save you money


Every business in Dubai needs an office, and in a city with a landscape that changes as rapidly as ours it is paramount that costs are contained. The process of finding an occupying a conventional office is tedious, time-consuming, and expensive. Operating from a serviced office facility makes life much easier, and can end up saving your business precious AEDs that could be better used elsewhere.

Let’s start with the most often overlooked commodity - time (and as the adage goes, time is money). The time it takes to find an office, negotiate with the agent/landlord, appoint an interior contractor, obtain approvals, complete fit-out, and eventually move in can be anywhere from 3-8 months. During this period employees are at their least efficient, often working from temporary offices or from makeshift home offices. With a serviced office, your team moves in and starts work immediately.

So what exactly are the costs involved in setting up and running a conventional office? Rent, agency fees, fit-out, furniture, office equipment, insurance, utilities, cleaning & maintenance, telephone & internet, receptionists, and various other expenses. With a serviced office all of these are included and you further benefit from access to multiple meeting rooms and other common areas. Our studies indicate that operating from a serviced office facility can save your business as much as 60% in terms of annual savings over conventional office space.

Expand or downsize with minimal disruption, network with like-minded tenants, pay monthly, and save yourself the headache of running an office while you save money and focus on your business. Contact Sentinel Business Centres for further information.