Lowering the cost of setup in Dubai


The biggest complaint I hear from people trying to setup a business in mainland Dubai is the high costs involved: consultancy services, license fees, local service agent fees, and office rental costs. The lack of affordable solutions has led people to set up in the numerous free zones that market their wares in the local media. These are the very people that we desperately need to fuel growth in the local SME space; the entrepreneurs, innovators, and risk-takers.

It has been a long time coming, but finally there is a solution being offered that makes business setup in mainland Dubai a lot more accessible. Sentinel Business Centres is offering their Business Starter Package for an upfront payment of AED20,000 followed by a low introductory monthly fee of AED2,500. This includes all of the following:

  • Setup consultancy

  • License fees

  • Local Service Agent Fees

  • 1 residence visa

  • Dedicated desk within a co-working space

  • Premium location

  • All business centre services

Sentinel offers this package at their high end centres in the H Hotel Office Tower located at One Sheikh Zayed Road. A low cost solution that allows you to setup in a prestigious fully serviced location should make this a no-brainer to anyone looking set up a new business.

Other packages are also offered that are tailored to existing businesses looking to lower their operating costs, no matter what the size or activity of the business. Established in 2007, Sentinel is a key player in the serviced office and company setup space, and a trusted partner of numerous businesses. 

If you would like to find out more information about these packages and the specific benefits to your business, contact Sentinel Business Centres.